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На цій сторінці Ви можете завантажити шрифт Karnivore Tecca версії 1, який відноситься до сімейства Karnivore Tecca (накреслення Regular). Дизайнер - Apostrophe (для зв'язку використовуйте наступну адресу: www.apostrophiclab.com). Завантажте Karnivore Tecca безкоштовно на UK.AllFont.net. Цей шрифт належить до наступних категорій: dots, high-tech, industrial. Його розмір - всього 84 Kb. Вам буде потрібно купити шрифт, якщо ліцензія на нього не є вільною.

Шрифт Karnivore Tecca
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Сімейство Karnivore Tecca
Накреслення Regular
Ідентифікатор Karnivore Tecca: 2001
Повна назва шрифта Karnivore Tecca
Версія 1
PostScript назва KarnivoreTecca
Розмір 84 Kb
Дизайнер Apostrophe
URL дизайнера www.apostrophiclab.com
URL постачальника www.apostrophiclab.com
Описання ліцензії Here is the "Read Me" from the original http://www.apostrophiclab.com website: Archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/20030408055445/www.hardcovermedia.com/lab/Pages/info.html and here: http://apostrophiclab.pedroreina.net/info.html ----------- Apostrophic Laboratories does not collect or relay any personal information about its visitors. Apostrophic Laboratories is not affiliated with the company that provides its web hosting service. Apostrophic Laboratories is not affiliated with any third party advertising service. This lab will always be advertisement-free to maintain the spirit and integrity of freedom of information that the world wide web was intended to represent. The fonts on this site are freeware and can be used as they are in any context without permission from Apostrophic Laboratories, except to produce material that is racist, criminal and/or illegal in nature. It is prohibited to modify any Apostrophic Laboratories font(s) for repackaging and/or re-release without an express written authorization by the designer(s) of the font(s) or Apostrophic Laboratories. Under no circumstance shall any Apostrophic Laboratories design or font design be sold or purchased. Email [email protected] if you want more information. The Apostrophic Laboratories site and its contents are the property of Apostrophic Laboratories and the contents' creators. It is prohibited to use the graphic designs shown on this site or any of the site's elements without obtaining written authorization from the designer(s) and/or developer(s) of the content in question. Email [email protected] if you want more information. Read everything written by Kurt Vonnegut. Hear everything written by Mozart. Live every day like it is your first. Smell the flowers. Touch the faces of babies. Run in the rain. Eat pop corn. The following constitutes the different methods of contacting Apostrophic Laboratories. Web: http://www.apostrophiclab.com Email: [email protected] For individual designer email addresses, click here. Address: Apostrophic Laboratories, 343 Kingswood Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4E 3N8

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